Open source platform for collaborative construction of wearable sensor data sets for human motion analysis and an application for gait analysis

[Journal of Biomedical Informatics]


Open Source Hardware Sensor Platform. an affordable open source hardware and software platform based on inertial wearable sensors in a way that several groups could cooperate in the construction of datasets through common software suitable for collaboration.

3. MAREA – Open Source Gait Datasets / Gait Data Database

MAREA (Movement Analysis in Real-world Environments using Accelerometers) Gait Database


Indoor Table.pngOutdoor Table.pngGroundTruthStructure.png

How to get the datasets?

1. Link to the Release Agreement and fill Registration Form: Click_Release Agreement
2. Link to download the datasets: Will be sent by Email after Registration Procedure is completed
2. Link to the code for gait event detection algorithm: Gait Events